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More Consulate News

  • Man smiling. (Photo Credit: State Department)
    Op-Ed: We Look Forward to 70 More Years of Excellent U.S.-Saudi Relations (8/19/2014)

    Our mid-July arrival in Dhahran was ideal for us because it was during the second week of Ramadan. In more than a decade of working across the Arab world (in Yemen, Iraq and Egypt), I have always treasured the chance to break the fast with old friends - like Joey - and new friends, like the numerous businessmen, teachers and students of the Eastern Province. I enjoyed the iftars in Khobar, official receptions in Dammam, Eid celebrations outside the main cities, and especially the distinctly Gulfi tradition of Girga'an. As I watched Americans and Saudis interact with one another, I realized I was witnessing the product of 70 years of friendship between the United States and Saudi Arabia.  عربي »

  • Two men talking. (Photo Credit:
    Prince Saud bin Naif, Governor of the Eastern Region, Receives U.S. Consul General in Dhahran Mike Hankey (8/6/2014)

    Prince Saud bin Naif, Governor of the Eastern Region, received U.S. Consul General in Dhahran Mike Hankey on the occasion of his appointment to his new post. At the outset of the meeting, the Prince welcomed the CG, wishing him success in his new mission. They exchanged cordial talks. 

  • Two men giving gifts to kids. (USCG Image)
    U.S CG Celebrates with Al-Khobar’s Kids (7/11/14)

    Saudi Businessman Jamal Al Ali held the Kerkien annual ceremony in his Ramadan tent in the presence of the newly appointed U.S. CG in Dhahran Mike Hankey and the departing U.S. CG Joey Hood. At the end of the ceremony, the two consuls distributed Kerkien, gifts, and toys to the children. The U.S. CG Mike Hankey expressed his delight at what he saw, including the children’s joy at the occasion and the children wearing folk costumes and singing the traditional song of Kerkien. 

  • Group photo (USCG Image)
    The U.S. Ambassador and Dhahran CG Hosted by Al-AbdulKarim (7/10/14)

    Khalid Al-AbdulKarim, CEO of Al-AbdulKarim Holding Company, held an Iftar banquet in honor of U.S. Ambassador to the Kingdom Dr. Joseph Westphal, the newly appointed U.S. CG in Dhahran Mike Hankey, and the former U.S. CG Joey Hood, in the presence of a number of businessmen in the EP. During the event, they discussed some economic issues of common interest between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. The U.S. Ambassador expressed his deep thanks and gratitude to Khalid Al-AbdulKarim for his generous gesture and for giving him the opportunity to meet a group of businessmen and officials in the EP. 

  • Three men sitting and talking. (USCG Image)
    Governor of Eastern Province: Prince Saud bin Naif bin Abdulaziz (7/8/14)

    Prince Saud met with the U.S. Consul General in Dhahran, Joey Hood, who bid farewell to Prince Saud due to the ending of his tenure in the Kingdom. CG Hood expressed thanks to the Prince, who wished him success in his new endeavor. 

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